This blog has been taken over !

Of course, it is quite regular and perfectly legal.

I find the area of InfoSec very interesting and would like to develop further professionally in this direction. Therefore, I have decided that this blog will accompany me on the trip.

I am a trained IT specialist in application development and stumbled across the field of pen testing last year and since then it hasn't let me go.

I tried many machines, sometimes successful, sometimes soberingly unsuccessful. I clearly lacked deeper knowledge and experience. I decided to go down the road with certifications and after much thought and research I decided to go the following way.

  • CompTIA Security+
  • eLearnSecurity eJPT
  • eLearnSecurity eCPPT
  • OSCP

The security+ certification of CompTIA was planned as the starting point, but its requirements regarding the Remote certification makes it difficult for me. So I'm going to skip this step and move on to point 2.

At the moment I am in preparation for the eJPT certifier: I have worked through all the documents and am now trying my way to the three BlackBox Labs.

"By the way" I would like to try myself on one or the other htb-Box. Often also easy to practice the reporting.

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