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My certification is now behind me and I have decided to write something about the course and the certification.

Image of the eJPT certificate
my certificate

The course PTS

The course is available in three variants, Barebone, Full and Elite. In the Bareborne version you only have access to the HTML5 slides. This can be sufficient, but especially in the video material and also in the labs the topics are deepened and also slightly other aspects are addressed. If you don’t just do this certification for completeness, it’s worth buying at least Full.

I didn’t need the 60 hours of lab access at Elite, but the 3 black box penetration labs were good.

Overall, the slides are very easy to understand, have made many things clear to me and filled a few gaps.

Take definitely notes on the videos.

The labs were all great. Problems (enum4Linux) may occur if you do not use the 2019 Kali version, but the 2020s, but the forum and Google help to find a solution.


The certification is like having 72 hours to compose a “customer network”. To check progress, you are asked 20 questions, which you can gradually answer, depending on how far you are. After submission, 15 questions must be answered correctly in order to receive the certification.

Unfortunately, you don’t get any feedback on which questions were answered incorrectly.

It is very pleasant that the certification can be started at the push of a button. and you are completely alone in the “customer network”, and can also reset it if necessary.


  • Enumeration is your friend!
  • Know what routing is and learn to apply it beforehand
  • Time should be more than sufficient.

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